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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Sarge Supply Hut Now Available

Thanks “MikeJEHMSZ” for the heads up and great photos.

Precision Series Sarge’s Supply Hut is now available at Amazon – thanks, John H!

Roof lifts up – yellow interior lights?

Surplus … all individually removeable?

Or green lights or both?

Sarge Supply Hut’s display sign lights.

Red, yellow and green? Hard to tell when it’s all bright.

Probably a proto – presume he will get working headlamps (hood looks like it opens?)


CARSLAND Sarge lights.

Christmas version.

Thanks “MikeJEHMSZ”!

It looks like it will be $49.99 so that’s nice.

Sally’s Cozy Cone looks like it should be next.


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