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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Advent Calendar & “Table Display”

Clear some space near your 2017 Christmas tree – we’re getting a CARS advent calendar … no photos of course but it probably looks something like the Hot Wheels one?

The HW one comes with 8 diecasts and stickers listed at 1.4 lbs. The CARS one is listed at 8 oz so I think it seems likely it’s all stickers? Or you supply all of the 24 CARS? It would be cool if it was plastic accessories.

There’s also another weird listing for a CARS 3 TABLE DISPLAY that weighs 60 LBS – I’m guessing it’s some sort of weird retail display for stores with tables? Though it would be fun to think it’s a consumer display item – I’d like a 60 lb display case/playset. 🙂

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