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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Road Trip Almost On the Road Again

“Howard D” was able to find the wave 2 singles … thanks for the great photos.

Sheriff was also released with the trailer but no available as a single also.

Luigi & Guido Road Trip are all new.

What’s interesting is that Luigi sports tow hooks also … either he can help lighten his RS fellow trailers or maybe he’s coming with a trailer also?

Guido – not traveling light or doesn’t mind he can’t see the road very well.

Presume Sheriff is the same as the one with a trailer.

Singles – only missing Lizzie. Wave 3 or coming right away?

Thanks, “Howard D!”

“John H.” sends along open pics …

Mini & Van looks like they will be in the 3-pack – probably with Road Trip Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen.

Walmart only.

Thanks, John H! for the open pics.


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  • quercy says:

    My TR’Us have been terrible for over a year… they rarely load the shelves with Cars mainline and kepp loading heavily the Ice and Carnival racers and Radiator Springs Classic which does not sale very well… Even at $2.24 all these are not going away…

  • lucie69 says:

    the stores around here have empty shelve and toy r us have discounted their cars $2.24 hope they start stocking something

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