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Disney Pixar CARS: The Comic Collection Could Be Yours

Cleaning house – interested n a full set* of the CARS comics from Boom Studios around 2009-2010?

Issue 0 to Issue 7 (17 in all, 1 duplicate, issue #6 you get 2 copies of Cover B). The storyline is complete and you get A & B covers of EVERY ISSUE (16 none cover art duplications).

*They published further variants for comic cons, etc … which I did not track so if you’re an absolute completist, you have more but if you just want a complete story set, you actually have two copies – ALL MINT sealed with cardboard and a sleeve.

Tuners #6 is the duplicate.

The next series was called Radiator Springs and ran 4 issues – each with covers A & B here (8 total).

The last series was Adventures of Tow Mater – 4 issues with 5 covers. I believe as Disney and Boom Studios ended publishing together (Disney bought some other comic book company called Marvel), Boom stopped doing 2 covers of each issue so there are only 5.

Also will throw in the AutoWeek issue for CARS 1 in 2006, issue #1 of the short lived US CARS magazine and the AutoWeek for CARS 3 from a few weeks ago.

So, 30 comics and 3 magazines – send me your bids to metroxing (at) gmail.com. Shipping is FREE. I’ll end it FRIDAY NIGHT so let me know. There is no reserve and let me know if your bid is a final or you want a follow up email if you’re close. Hope this works out okay. :-/

Thanks for your support of T5!

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9 February 2017 Disney Pixar CARS 3 Comments


  • MackDaddy says:

    Hey Met, Have you sold these yet? Please let us know.

    (MET: Yes, sorry – you didn’t win).

  • Laika2 says:

    I’m curious in the AutoWeek issue for CARS 1 from 2006, but I think I cannot participate because I’m out of US, right? can you tell me if the issue comes with more pics of McQueen inside different from the movie? (I mean as it has a special made cover I wonder if it has more pics like that inside, which are very rare, not the stills from the actual movie)

    (MET: Yea, the free shipping only applies to the US, sorry … yea, shipping overseas or books/printed mat’l is super expensive – even to Canada … it’s a nice issue, long articles, there’s a photo of Pixar’s server farm … there are shots of pre-production drawings but everything is shown in ART OF CARS so it’s a nice issue, there’s nothing now not available elsewhere … at the time, it might’ve been exclusives).

    • Laika2 says:

      Oh, yes I imagined that I wasn’t able to get it :/. Could you please send me pics of just the pages related to Cars (the film) from the magazine? can I give you my email so you can send them privately? of course, if you want to. I’ll thank you so much because as you said this issue is extremelly hard to find.

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