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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: No Hurry on Craig Fäster

After a year of hard to find Deluxes, Craig Fäster is pretty available 24/7 at all the big thee retailers at normal retail pricing.

Thanks for the great ics, “John H.”

He’s a great hunk of rust.

Ironically, his bed lining is mint.

With the other rusty CARS diecast though J. Shoesteer and Japeth are hard to find as the last CARS case (of 2016) are split into 8 cases and wit each retailer getting only one case, it’s not easy to find as most retailers get one case and if you’re not first …

Amazon has some in stock, higher than retail but it might be easier to close out the diecast year. Amazon also has some nice deals on ADD-ON CARS items.

Craig is a 2015 diecast CAR though it dos wear the 2016 © badge.

Thanks, “John H.”

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