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Mattel Disney PLANES Diecast: Franz Fliegenhosen

“John H.” sends along great photos of Mattel’s Franz Fliegenhosen, which is a fun diecast.



The back propeller spins.



It is nicely detailed.



But compared to the Disney Store Franz, he is lacking the split feature – he is a flying car that tows his wings.


As you can tell, Disney Store Franz splits off into 2 pieces.


Disney Store Franz is also all diecast.


As you can tell, Mattel Franz is much smaller but Franz is more accurate in his smaller version.Franz_Fliegenhosen-side_DS-and-Mattel

Mattel Franz compared to Mattel Professor Z.




Franz compared to the larger Disney Store Dusty is in the correct scale. So, the Mattel Dusty to Mattel Franz might not be 100% correct.


Some scale screenshots.      franz

You get a better sense of his correct size.

scale franz to chup

Thanks “John H.” for the great photos!

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