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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Chauncey Fares, the London Taxi Arrives … and The Meter is RUNNING!

Well, since a Big Mac Combo Meal costs about $9 in London and this nice house will cost you about $40 million – what’s 20-quid between friends for a ride with Chauncey?

“Craig K.” sends along pics of the latest Target 7-pack – London Race.

London Race 7-Pack

Well, if you turned 2-years old today and got your first box set of CARS – SCCCOOORREE!!!

But for everyone else – I think this can be best described with a UK English swear word that’s okay to shout in the US as we don’t really know it’s true meaning … like dog’s bollocks? Any others come to mind?

So, a ride in Chauncey Fares is like a ride from the airport … $29.99 or if your Target deems you upper middle class – $34.99. Maybe it’s $39.99 in CityTarget’s …

Chauncey Box

AND you/we/the huddled masses don’t even get a unibody Lighting McQueen but a TWO PIECER from 2011 – the oddball edge windshield.


So, Chauncey Fares looks nice – solid diecast metal but $29.99 or $34.99 is a bit spendy on ONE diecast.

Well, UK Ramone is making his second appearance so if you missed him in the first box set … and Race Team Sarge is not available as a single in 2013 so the glass is 1/5 full if you are the eternal optimist … are you not entertained?

Thanks for the great pics, “Craig K.” – we can certainly see what we are getting into.

GotFrank would like us to write to Matty Mattel, the Taxi Commission about …

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