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Disney PLANES: The Disney Store PLANES Visual Checklist

Thanks to “Unixed” for photos of the Disney Stores Acrylic Box set versions nice and stacked …

DS Planes Box CL1 DS Planes Box CL2

Collect them all HERE at the Disney Store.

Thanks “Unixed” for the great photos!

You may also notice there are two Franz Fliegenhosen’s – there are two positions …

Franz Top

One shows him in flight position (right) and the other in drive position (left) so collect ’em all. Thanks for the extra Franz pic, “Dan(rio).”

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12 June 2013 Disney, Disney Planes, Disney Store 4 Comments


  • xoxorose says:


  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I know many have not welcomed the “Planes” line. However, forgetting the adult collector who does not open these toys, I’m willing to bet the little kids will play with Planes alongside their Cars. Kids will easily mix and match toy lines and use their mental creativity more than an adult who may be prone to categorizing everything. Check out the bottom of the toy chest/box. They usually are a total mess.

    Even if the adult wants to resist anything with wings, I doubt too many will pass up those really cute and attractive four wheeled airport related vehicles. There’s nothing to prevent Chug and Franz from making a visit to Radiator Springs.

    I would be a bit surprised to see a theme ride based on Planes to show up at Carsland.

  • John says:

    We bought one of each on-line when they first became available. All arrived in one large cardboard box; the box was in good shape. The majority of the acrylic display cases inside were cracked, some so badly that loose pieces of plastic were sliding around inside the cases. We are openers and don’t really care, but if you want them with intact display cases you’d be much better off buying them in the store if you can.

  • jestrjef says:

    Very nice!! Hope to see SOME planes in person soon!

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