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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Case G Singles Leaves the Warehouse

What, did you want to buy new CARS singles in the last 3 months? Maybe Mattel was hoping you’d want to buy some Hydro CARS, some Micro Drifters, some play sets or some silver launchers … but damn it if you did not wait them out and bought not much of the flanker CARS lines – curse you shoppers who would not buy everything stamped CARS & MATTEL! What’s kind of target value shopper are you? 🙂

The warehouse cried uncle and released CASE G …

main Case G

Even the “new” CARS in this case are essentially re-releases but it’s a nice retail case – highlighting the wide spectrum of characters (well, maybe not yet more Francesco’s) so while it might not be enticing enough to buy as an entire case but here’s to note:


Darrell Cartrip with headset is technically new though of course, he’s been often released, just the first time with headset and of course, he does not look much different than the lights and sounds version.

Mama Topolino while new to the singles packaging is not really new – released in a 2-pack last year though she has been upgraded to a unibody and while available in the 2-pack in Europe as a unibody, this is her first US release as a unibody. Unibody.

Miles Axelrod with opening hood is the first CHASE CARS of Themes 2013 cards.

Hard to Find Re-Releases

Sputter Stop has not available as a plastic tire CAR for a while (as a launcher or in a box set) and not as a single until way back in Kmart CARS Day 1.

Edwin Kranks – a few releases but hard to find.

And the rest.

If you are interested in a case, Children’sToyCloset is shipping these.

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