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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: New Movie Moments CASE B Arrives

CASE B (2-Pack) Movie Moments have started to hit store shelves …

There is one carryover from CASE A – two more Nigel Gearsley & Austin Littleton … nice …

“New” 2-pack Movie Moments include 3 Airport Mater & Holley Shiftwell …

Airport Mater

As far as I can tell, Mater simply has an eye position shift … it would be more fun if they either gave him a real expression like being scared on the runway or named him better like ‘Waitin’ Forever at the Luggage Carousel.” If you haven’t replaced your Holley with a unibody Holley, here ya go … Holley is NOT scheduled as a single so presumably outside of a box set, this will be your only format to collect Holley in 2013. There are 3 in CASE B.

Hudson Hornet Piston Cup (decal) Lightning McQueen & Sally.

HH LM & sally

Photos blown out so in case you’ve haven’t seen the table – here’s a better look. This would’ve been more enticing last year but now that Sally is available as a single and in box sets, this set is basically an extra table accessory. There are 4 of these in CASE B.

Poster HH LM & Sally

There is one actually NEW NEW Movie Moment – while both are technically repaints, Lemons are always fun to add to the collection. Tubbs Pacer with Spray paint and Tolga Trunkov. There are three in CASE B.

Tubbs Pacer & Tolga

So, while these are new configs on the shelf, the Mater & HH LM 2-packs are easily the weakest of the ones scheduled for 2013.

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