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Pirate Contest for Pirate CARS Goods …

Arrrr Metty!

Pirates arrrr known for flaunting the law here and there, and smuggling in contraband whenever they can.  So I thought that I wood help me fellow collectors in them there United States.  I here tell that ye lawmakers are afraid that ye youngins will eat the plastic egg inside the chocolate one of a Kinder Surprise.  Well, I knows me Carsoholic mateys better than that.  At first I thought that this was just a tall tale, but when I learnt it be true, me blood boiled.
Let me send the winner of me contest 6 Kinder Surprise Eggs, smuggled in under the noses of ye lawmakers, but only if ye promise to swallow em whole and plug ye carborator!
And just cuz I am a nice Pirate, the runner up will get 4 for their kin too!
Just tell me and the PirateKids what Mater Tall Tale ye wood like to see made into a short….
PirateSon and PiratePrincess will chose their 5 favorites each and then we will randomly choose 2 from that list.  The more description and characters told, the better idea I we will get of the Tall Tale!  make us laff, make us cry, make us send you those Fabergé Kinder Eggs!

The Kinder Surprises boast that only only 1 in 3 have Cars 2 minis in them, so no whining if ye don;t get them, I don’t have X ray chocolate vision in my good eye!!!  Also, if the chocolate melts before it gets to ye, just rub in on your favorite car, we are all friends here, no judgements!

Thanks PirateDad & PirateKinder!

You may enter once every 12 hours in the comments below – contest starts right now and ends Friday 11:59:59 June 10, 2011.

Please do not eat the plastic capsule if you are the winner.


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