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54 Breakfast Cereals Lost in Time … Serious Sugar High

Via Urlesque, a roundup of 54 cereals lost to the ages … either short life pop culture or the fact they were probably 48% corn syrup, 52% high fructose corn syrup and 4% “cereal.”

Of course there are the old stand-bys – C3PO Cereal, Mr. T … Hulk Hogan … um, do I really want a cereal-ly reminder of a large sweaty guy as I spoon it in my mouth …

And ones where you could see a fail … um, I do not want to roll my cereal in my mouth to guess which mouthful contains the hidden surprise … and define treasure? Rock? Decoder ring? Other random things you could chip your tooth on or swallow? Or try and guess the flavor!

But the one I want to try was this one … I could’ve felt like like a GIANT!

Anyone actually try this one? Was it really a teeny tiny FULL Pop tart with frosting and a little jam flavoring inside?They must’ve had 50 engineers working on miniaturizing a Pop Tart. Or the taste tester … still too big, pokes me in cheek, smaller, damn you!

And you know that one was mega calories per bowl. 🙂

Another hilarious one is the Rice Krispies Treat cereal … think about that one … though it was not tiny squares.

You can find 52 other fun cereals at the “roundup” at urlesque.com.

Or if you love old lost cereals, check out the original photographers/collector site at FLIKR – Jason Liebig.

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11 March 2011 Advertising, Food 5 Comments


  • Jack says:

     My advice is stay away from these type cereals. Yes they make them to taste good of course but they are Not very healthy for you. 
     The corn syrup added is made from a genetically modified corn. Among the other reasons one should pass. 
     Get your self some organic oats, cereals, raisins and other organic fruits. Your body will thank you for it. 
     Don’t go coo coo for cocoa puffs. Stay sane for healthy food that does a body good. 

  • Micky says:

    I’m not sure I want to eat a big bowl of DINO PEBBLES….Yum Yum

    How about a bowl of Kellogg’s OJ’s?

  • I-am-speed says:

    Anyone else remember Danish-Go-Rounds? I loved those things. Like Pop Tarts, they were for the toaster, but they were oval-shaped, with a brown sugar flavored filling.

    “Quisp” was probably my all-time favorite cereal as a kid.

  • collectormom says:

    I used to love Body Buddies cereal, I think it advertised itself as “healthy” but I’m sure it wasn’t. Fooled my mom though 🙂

  • cac1959 says:

    I must be old… I remember some of those…

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