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54 Breakfast Cereals Lost in Time … Serious Sugar High

Via Urlesque, a roundup of 54 cereals lost to the ages … either short life pop culture or the fact they were probably 48% corn syrup, 52% high fructose corn syrup and 4% “cereal.”

Of course there are the old stand-bys – C3PO Cereal, Mr. T … Hulk Hogan … um, do I really want a cereal-ly reminder of a large sweaty guy as I spoon it in my mouth …

And ones where you could see a fail … um, I do not want to roll my cereal in my mouth to guess which mouthful contains the hidden surprise … and define treasure? Rock? Decoder ring? Other random things you could chip your tooth on or swallow? Or try and guess the flavor!

But the one I want to try was this one … I could’ve felt like like a GIANT!

Anyone actually try this one? Was it really a teeny tiny FULL Pop tart with frosting and a little jam flavoring inside?They must’ve had 50 engineers working on miniaturizing a Pop Tart. Or the taste tester … still too big, pokes me in cheek, smaller, damn you!

And you know that one was mega calories per bowl. 🙂

Another hilarious one is the Rice Krispies Treat cereal … think about that one … though it was not tiny squares.

You can find 52 other fun cereals at the “roundup” at urlesque.com.

Or if you love old lost cereals, check out the original photographers/collector site at FLIKR – Jason Liebig.

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11 March 2011 Advertising, Food 5 Comments


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