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Disney Pixar CARS: The 2010 Pixar Motorama Lightning McQueen

In case you’re wondering what this is …

Every year, Pixar’s annual “company picnic” features an auto show of Pixar employees cars (show cars, tuners, oldies, etc … your Town & Country minivan doesn’t count unless it’s Ramone purple does not qualify) 🙂

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this event, employees will get a special Lightning McQueen.

It’s generally in July so if you want one, you have about a month to get hired at Pixar. 🙂

It’s unknown how many will be given away – Pixar has a little under 1,000 employees so it one to each family? One to a gift bag? Random placement in each gift bag? Anyone who wants one gets one?

So, I would guess 500-2,000?

You can check out this post for a link to a video of last year’s show.

Thanks “Mr. Mode.”

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