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Updated list! Lots to sell! Come shop 🙂


2:21 pm
January 13, 2012


British Columbia Canada

Wheel Well Regular

posts 120

Hi everyone!


My list has gone down a little bit but I still have lots of good stuff!  I have a good record and have been trading a long time.  If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail at truth @@ telus.net


Here we go!  Have fun looking!


Singles: (World of Cars) All $5.50 unless marked


Radiator Springs McQueen $4

Cruisin McQueen x2 (one has loose glue) $4

Darrell Cartrip x2

Darrell Cartrip (clown mouth variant) $7

RPM #64 (package not perfect)


Singles: (Super Charged) All $5.50 unless marked


Dirt Track McQueen $4

Lightning McQueen (package not perfect) $4

Dinoco McQueen

RPM #64 x2


Singles: (Race-O-Rama) All $6.50 unless marked


Hank “Halloween” Murphy x2 (packages not perfect)

Andrea (reporter)


Singles: (Final Lap) All $7 unless marked


Jay Limo x2

Vern x3 ($6 each)



Launchers: (Pit Row) All $10 unless marked


Fiber Fuel x2 (ROR)

Trunk Fresh x2 (WOC)

Octain Gain (WOC) ($13)


Movie Moments:


(WOC) Bob Cutlass & Darrell Cartrip ($13)

(WOC) Gasprin & Towcap ($20)

(SC) Mike & Sully ($18)

(SC) Buzz & Woody ($20)


Loose Mint: All $4.75 unless marked



Hank Halloween Murphy ($6)

Rev-N-Go launcher only (LYL) ($2)

Vitoline launcher only (pit row) ($2)

Fiber Fuel with launcher (pit row) ($8)

Leak-less Chief

Dr. Mater (from 4 pack, mask down)

Leak-Less (no rubber tires) x3

Stacy (leak-less pitty) x2

Nitroade (plastic tires)

Tim Rimmer x2 ($7 each)

Dash Boardman x2 ($7 each)

Timothy Twostroke x2 ($7 each)

Houser Boon x2 ($7 each)

Sidewall Shine x2 (plastic tires) ($5 each)

Mater (regular)

Clutch Aid (plastic tires) ($5)

Leak-Less wide pitty

Leak-less pitty (“not chuck” shape)

Mator w/stand (UFO)

Flick and Flea (flea has a chip) $10 for both

Sarge (with USA insignia, original version) ($8)

Red (Disney store) has loose back wheels ($5)

Lenticular Guido w/gun

Octane Gain pitty with gun (with tool box)

Lug or Nutty (not sure which one) $3

Andrea (reporter) ($6)

Edwin Kranks ($9)

RPM #64

Set of 3 Chick pitties (from crew set.  Tires and box included) $12

Set of 3 Dinoco pitties (from crew set.  Tires and box included) $12

Mack Transporter (grey version) $11

Plastic Rescue Squad Mater (from playset) $3


Loose not mint: All $2.50 unless marked


Chuki (some chips)

Radiator Springs McQueen (some chips) $1.50

(WM8) TJ “Tuf Gue” (some chips) still have card back ($4)

Nurse Mia and Tia (some small chips) ($8 for both)

Hank “Halloween” Murphy (some chips) $2

Leroy Traffic (loose mattress strap) $10


Chase Cars: All $6.25 unless marked


Chase Fred with bumper stickers (loose glue) $12

Chase Fillmore w/gas can (not perfect card)


Oversize/Megasize/Delux: All $11 unless marked


Marco Axelbender

Miles (truck)

Leroy with snow-tires


Mater’s Tall Tales: All $6 unless marked


Rescue Squad Trooper (net grill)


Captain Munier (oversize) $13

I-Screamer’s Biggest Fan x2 (not good packages) $12 each




Speedway 9-pack ($43)

Octane Gain crew set (not perfect package) $23


Kmart cars: All $6 unless marked


K-mart day 3 Leak-Less x2 (one has wrinkle in upper left corner)

K-mart day 3 Trunk Fresh

K-mart day 3 Re-Volting

K-mart day 4 RPM

K-mart day 4 Vitoline x2

K-mart day 4 Fiber Fuel

K-mart day 4 Sputter Stop

K-mart day 4 Spare Mint

K-mart day 4 Gasprin

K-mart day 4 Transberry Juice x2

K-mart day 5 Tach-O-Mint

K-mart day 5 Gask-its

K-mart day 5 Faux Wheel Drive

Tank Coat

View Zeen




Sidewall Shine promo (mint in case and baggie) x3 ($18 each)

Paul Valdez x2 ($22 each)

Chet Boxcaar ($25)


Loose Mint Mini Adventures:


Lightning ($3)

Mack (cab only) x2 ($3.50 each)

Red (Radiator Springs) $1.50

Sheriff Mater (Radiator Springs) $1.50

Doc Hudson (Radiator Springs Fire Department) $1.50

Mater (Race Rods) $3.50

Camo Mater (Sarge’s Boot Camp) $2 

Loose Flo’s V8 Cafe’ play-set (McQueen NOT included) $5

Loose Submarine Carwash play-set (Gold Ramone NOT included) $5


Cars 2:


#6) Professor Z ($4)

#17) Miles Axlerod ($4)

#18) Petrov Trunkov x2 ($4 each)


Double Packs: All $8 unless marked


Finn w/weapon & Grem

Mater & Zen Master Pitty ($7)

Fillmore & Travel Wheels McQueen


Loose mint: $28 for all






Mater w/spy glass

Team McQueen Guido & Luigi


Plastic Mater


This is what I am looking for:


Cars 1:

Showstoppers singles or 3 pack x2

Dexter Hoover lenticular (green flag)

Snow Day Sally x2

Retro Ramone x2

Mini adventures 6 pack with Sally, Mater, Doc, Lightning, Flo and Ramone

Mini adventures Easter Flo & Ramone

Color Changer Sally x2


Cars 2:

The Queen x2

Carlo x3

Sal (in double pack) x2

Security Finn x3

Hudson Hornet McQueen x3

Mel x2

Lewis Hamilton x4

Rip Clutchgoneski x4

Mama Topolino x3

Leland Turbo x3

Pope x2

Pope-mobile x2


Thanks again for looking.  If you have any questions my e-mail is truth @@ telus.net

4:56 pm
January 13, 2012



posts 5

Email sent.

8:33 pm
January 14, 2012


British Columbia Canada

Wheel Well Regular

posts 120

Flick and Flea have been claimed Smile

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