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2011 Die-Cast Collector Checklist

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6:42 pm
July 23, 2011


Los Angeles


posts 529

Many Thanks to Nascarfan for posting photos of the checklist he picked up at Comic-Con. There are a few surprises on the list; presumably all will be out before the end of this year.
The list does not include lights & sounds, metallic specials, synthetic rubber tire Kmart cars and the die-casts included in various games and puzzles.

2011 Die-Cast Collector Checklist

Character Cars
Race Team Mater
Finn McMissile
Lightning McQueen
Francesco Bernoulli
Holly Shiftwell(sic)
Raoul Caroule
Professor Z
Carla Veloso
Race Team Guido
Race Team Luigi
Race Team Fillmore
Race Team Sarge
Rod Torque Redline
Miles Axelrod
Petrov Trunkov
Hydralic Ramone
Nigel Gearsley
Max Schnell
Shu Todoroki
Miguel Camino
Lewis Hamilton
Carlo Maserati
Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen
Mel Dorado

Exclusive Cars (Found only in 1:55 die-cast multipacks)
Zen Master
Brent Mustangburger
Lightning McQueen w/Party Wheels
Damaged Rod Torque Redline
Uncle Topolino
Security Guard Finn
Sal Machiani
Guiseppe Motorosi (Alfa Spyder, Bernouli's crew chief)
Cruz Besouro (VW Bettle, Carla's crew chief)
John Lassetire
Tyler Gremlin
Fred Pacer (Fred Fisbowski?)
Mater w/Spy Glasses
Finn McMissile w/Weapon
Wasabi Mater
You Da Bomb Mater
Ronnie Del Cooper
Frank Clutchenson (blue & white Fiat 500, Bernouli's fan)
Darrell Cartrip
Denise Dream
Okuni (pink Geisha)
Shiseko (blue Geisha)
Yamiko (lavender Geisha w/parasol)
Ivan Mater
Fillmore w/headset
Uncle Topolino w/tires
Tomber w/oil can
Damaged Rod Torque Redline w/Boot
Pit Crew Mater
Leland Turbo
Mama Topolino

Deluxe Cars
Submarine Finn McMissile
Holly Shiftwell w/Wings
Topper Deckingham (double decker bus)
Kingpin Nobunga (purple Sumo)
Pinion Tanaka (blue Sumo)
Hydrofoil Finn McMissile
The Popemobile
Pope Pinion IV
The Queen

Super Chase die-cast vehicles coming in 2012
rare 1:55th scale die-cast vehicles
collect them all… if you can

7:56 pm
July 23, 2011


Central FLA


posts 953

Very interesting things there …. and Chase Cars next year …. boy, it will be nice to see them NONLENTIZED Laugh

9:43 pm
July 23, 2011

Mike Manifold



posts 717

That's cool of you to copy down the list, John. I am scared by this term "Super Chase" cars!

7:36 am
July 24, 2011


Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia


posts 799

The Super Chase cars will be harder to find than Super Treasure Hunts from Hot Wheels!

4:33 am
July 30, 2011


West Valley, Utah

Toons "You Were There" Character

posts 295

Everyone is welcome. I have very few of these checklists left. Send me your address and I will snail mail them to you


12:52 pm
July 31, 2011




posts 456

Send me one Kevin, please!!

12:55 pm
July 31, 2011


West Valley, Utah

Toons "You Were There" Character

posts 295

not a problem, did you find that NS card LM launcher?

I will need your address Mariela

12:55 pm
July 31, 2011


Wheel Well Regular

posts 103

i like that term i was hoping for some more chases!!!!!!

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