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When did you know you were addicted?

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11:43 am
October 6, 2012


Team 95 Roadie

posts 198

Hi, my name is e.davies1, and I'm a carsaholic. I started collecting just a few months ago for my kids, whom are not yet old enough to enjoy as many as I have purchased. They were playing with the cars that I have out for them (main characters), and I thought, "they sure have a lot of cars." Then I remembered that I have  about 40 or so more for them to play with stored away currently, along with another 20 or so unopened. Then i wondered how much I had spent. Shouldn't have looked that up… Oh well, too late to turn back now.

1:30 pm
October 6, 2012


Radiator Springs Tourist

posts 70

Just a thougt but you still have time to get out now and still have fun with your kids with the cars that you do have and just buy new ones when they are with you and you want to give them a treat.

Many of the members here I am sure have been in the same position, myself included, your kid is 2 - 3years old, you watch cars (the good one) at least 7 times a week and he/she takes their cars to bed, in the car, in the bath (no lightning cannot swim), you can't go anywhere without Lightning and at least 2 other cars in your pockets. You spend a weekend converting a train table into a race track and act out the scenes from the movie especially the Frank scene.

That's the fun times and worth every minute we spend in the stores looking.

Then they get older and somewhere around 5 years old their wants and needs change and you may find that you are only collecting for yourself. You buy Lego, Super Mario, Batman or what ever they are into but still buy cars because you started and you still follow this web-site, you see the new cars coming out and so you can't stop, then you spend your spare time chasing cars all over the place (because it's now your hobby).  

One day you will go into the garage and find boxes and boxes of cars that you have no idea what is in them and your kid may not even care that Lightning has travel wheels or TRU has a new metallic Miguel.

This is only my thoughts, but if I were doing it again tomorrow, I would try to get the main charachters and only buy cars when he was with me. I have no idea how much we have spent (time and money) on cars over the past few years but I quite sure it is a vacation or 2.  

Also MN is not very good for cars.




3:21 pm
October 6, 2012


Team 95 Roadie

posts 198

So far I love every moment of it. My kids are just getting to the stage of pretend play and i know I will have all sorts of fun with them playing in Flo's V-8 cafe among other things. I'm not sure how addicted I am to collecting yet, especially as I notice how expensive some can be. I guess there isn't really a rule for collecting, some people collect multiples of every variant, I will probably stick to what I can find at or near retail. The point for me and my family right now is play, so we will play. If the kids get into it, I will continue collecting with them. If they move on, maybe I will too, selling off what we have since they seem to retain value fairly well, even when played with (recently saw a broken Frank sell for over $75, missing the front roller), or I'll continue with the memories of playing with my kids. Either way, I'll have fun, the kids will have fun. there is more to my story than I can share here, more connections with more meaning. I'll keep going as long as I am enjoying it. Oh yeah, and thanks Corey'sdaddy for the Walmart Maple Grove tip, found the don crumlin I has been looking for!

5:22 pm
October 6, 2012


Radiator Springs Tourist

posts 70

If you keep it about having fun with the kids you will be fine. Part my sons decline in interest has been the fact that new cars have been so scarce this past year, even he says there is no point in looking they won't have anything new. There are some nice folks on this site that will help when they can. Rob (my six kids) was my sons hero last year and saved my butt on more than one occassion, Jestrjeff and John in Mo are also nice guys. 

Shoot me an e-mail with you needs and I can see if I can help. I would ask only what I paid. Unlikely that we have much of cars 1 but you never know.    

No worries about the Walmart, on occassion you will find cars there like I did last week but this whole year there have been many more miss's than hits but I am sure everyone can say that about WM. 

dewing99 at hotmail dot com

5:32 pm
October 7, 2012

Bumper Save



posts 491

I knew I should have been Cars-addicted when I learned about KDay 2 after the fact and was fortunate enough to get the cars from the event, but the fact that I never knew there was an event made me realize I had to go all-in and have every one of these things! And now I'm a Cars addict and proud.

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