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worth starting a collection now?

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12:05 am
January 5, 2012


Radiator Springs Tourist

posts 29

Is it worth starting a collection now? My son is only 2 and a half and he has just started really being interested in the movies and the cars. I think they are great and have thought about collecting them. (diecast only options interest me now)

Is it worth starting the collection now trying to get the original 12 and moving on through the waves?


What exactly is mint condition mean for a car in the blister pack still with the jhooks?


I found a collection that looks like a good deal but not sure if I should purchase it or not. It is many of the cars leading up to world of cars.


Any thoughts? Laugh

9:13 am
January 5, 2012


Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia


posts 799

If you are going to open the cars and play with them with your son, then by all means go for it.  It is not that expensive to aquire a loose collection.  We started right when my son turned 2 and it has been a very enjoyable (sometimes frustrating) hobby.  Over the last 2 years, we have been able to get about 90% of what they have released and since we open them, we don't have to get all the different packaging varients.  Good luck and have fun!

9:28 am
January 5, 2012


Los Angeles


posts 529

We started a little over a year ago when my boys were almost three, its a fun thing for dad and the boys to share. We had no real trouble getting almost all Cars 1 releases. But why not skip Cars 1 entirely?

All of Cars 2 are readily available, about 75 cars with nothing rare or expensive yet. We are openers also and the boys can be rough on the cars; the paint easily chips, small pieces break off. The worst thing about the hobby is when I've spent big bucks for a rare release and then can't let the boys play with that one. We have this small sub collection that's become Dad's cars…

10:46 am
January 5, 2012


Radiator Springs Tourist

posts 29

My thought was for all Cars 2 releases to buy one to stay in the package for dad and the other to be opened for my son to play with.

If I get all of the Cars 1 cars most will not be opened.


From a collectors standpoint how much does it matter if the package is slightly damaged like corners being roughed up a little or other small dings on the packaging. Does this affect the value of the collection down the road if there is ever real value for these cars in the future?


Thanks for the responses

11:49 am
January 5, 2012


San Diego


posts 406

I just started collecting mid-November, going for opened & moc for Cars 2 and just opened *as close to mint as possible for Cars 1.

I gotta say that if you wanted ALL of Cars 1 and are looking for an investment, I'd recommend putting that Cars 1 money into an actual investment. 

Plus, there are rumors of Cars 1 stuff being re-released in the future.

Take it slow, a lot of times I'd rushed and jumped on something only to find it 50% cheaper a few days later.  Check out all the cars sites forums as collections were coming up pretty regularly, especially over the holidays.

As far as packaging goes, I've seen value drop for no j-hooks, really roughed up card, beyond normal shelf wear and drops in price for dented blister.  Some cars had dented blisters from the factory, so finding a good blister has become a challenge.  *Guido & Luigi paint rollers

3:41 pm
January 5, 2012



posts 114

There's no blanket statement because it all depends on what you think it's worth. I think most CARS collectors agree they collect the diecast because of the quality of the sculpts – that you're not just collecting it because "they have to," or just for the sake of completing a set. I think 99% of CARs collector collect because they want to … and there are many strategies for collecting – it all depends on you. They are valid if that's the way you want to go. The nice thing is that this is definitely not a fad line like Beanie Babies where you can't give it away – if you look through ebay or amazon, you'll notice there are few CARs that sell below retail even for the most common CARS.

keeping it in package retains its highest value – whether it's $5 or $50 … as the next buyer wants to decide to open it or not … as for packaging, there are virtually no minty mint cards since they've always had rounded corners but the general rule of thumb might be the two-feet rule. If you can't see any obvious damage holding it in your hand, it's pretty much ok. Most cards will have some soft-ish corners but as long as it's not creased – minimal shelf -packing rub on the plastic is acceptable as long as it's not too obvious. Since most cars can be purchased without price stickers, any downgrades it slightly. Price sticker on the plastic bubble is no biggie as goo-gone makes it gone. And of course – any obvious marks or missing front artwork … most cards also have firm "dent" marks as mattel's plant presses the production date on the card after everything is packed and sealed so most have some press dents.

You may or may not want to read this … as it might scare you off. Good luck!



5:25 pm
January 5, 2012


Radiator Springs Tourist

posts 29

Thanks for the replies. Have some thoughts.

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