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PayPal question(s)

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9:16 am
January 13, 2012



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Post edited 9:16 am – January 13, 2012 by PR3DA

So, I wasn't quite sure where to ask this…so I thought this might be the best area of the forums.


When dealing with payment via Paypal, I've heard a lot of sellers ask for payment to be sent in the 'Personal' section as a 'gift' or 'money owed'.


From what I gather, this means that less of a cut is taken from the actual transaction and that the seller isn't charged any fees and the buyer is the one that takes that. That is understandable.


What I am wondering is: If there were ever a problem with not receiving a product from either a bad seller or if that a package was lost in the mail, would Paypal be as willing to honor the recovery of funds spent by the buyer if it was designated as 'money owed' or as a 'gift'?


Is there a safer way of using Paypal? If I chose to take more of the fees incurred by actually stating what the transaction really was…would that offer more protection against fraud or losing a package in the mail?


I'm on another Cars forum (that probably should remain nameless) and I'm in negotiation with a new seller who has had no previous history there. So no feedback to gauge the integrity of either. And I just started wondering about all the inherent risk. 


I suppose I could read all that fine print on Paypal but then thought many of you here probably have had enough experience that there might be a short answer. Besides, PP probably wouldn't have any information on when you state a transaction is one thing when it is really something else.


I hope my query isn't inappropriate here, if so please let me know if I'm not honoring the forum guidelines in any way.

11:34 am
January 13, 2012




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You can name Cars the Toys…there are a lot of memebrs here that belong there too.

I don't believe you have a leg to stand on if you pay as a gift….

If you are uncomfortable, pay the fees or have them pay the fees…also have them invoice you instead of just sending the $$.

I often deal with payment as a gift, but they are usually people I've traded with before.

I believe SlicePie had a rant that was interesting about the subject about 6 months ago about paypal fees.

I would do whatever makes both parties happy.

11:58 am
January 13, 2012



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Post edited 12:06 pm – January 13, 2012 by PR3DA

Great advice, thank you!


I have very little experience in PP. 

When you say have them invoice me, is that done through PP itself?

This seller would send me an invoice in PP that afterwards I would pay?

That way they have a legitimate record of an official transaction in case of situations of theft or loss, of which I could contest for reimbursement?


Are the fees that much higher if it is a transaction like this?

8:23 pm
January 13, 2012

John in Missouri



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If you're in the United States and making a sale within the U.S., PayPal charges the Seller $0.30 + 2.9% of the total amount.  If you sell internationally, the fee is $0.30 + 3.9% of the total amount.


So, if the total amount is $100, you pay $3.20 in fees within the U.S. and $4.20 for an international sale.  If you are charging exact cost on the items and exact cost on the shipping, it makes sense to ask the Buyer to pay the PayPal fees.  But if you add in a little premium on the items, it's just as well to eat the fees yourself.

10:02 pm
January 13, 2012


Original Member of Two A Day Wordpress


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Read this thread: http://goo.gl/2549w

Thousands of Cars available for trade or sale.  Always looking for older and harder to find Cars.  Email me at slicepie@roadrunner.com

8:32 am
January 14, 2012



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Great read and I couldn't agree more. It's the first-time-transaction-without-previous-feedback-on-forums that this situation becomes a little complicated.


Favorite quote from that link: Congrats on post#200, Team 95 member!  I think you are now "Slicepie with Headset." Laugh

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