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Race O Roma Poster finds ?


9:45 pm
March 12, 2013


Wheel Well Regular

posts 148

Looking at my collection of ROR Blister packs and I started to see different
Posters under the car. It looks like the 1st poster has ROR logo and the World of Cars crest with the top side under the car looks like green grass. Next the same info on the bottom and the words ( COLLECT BY TICKET COLOR ! ) and the top side of the poster that is under the car is WHITE . The last poster has the World of Cars crest and it has the play World of Cars.com logo and the top of the poster is green grass again. Sooooo ! This is a nice way to pick out a cool nitch within the Series like the Poster Cars of Supercharged Series and the angle blister flat blisters of the World of Cars Series. I found many of the cars would have one , two or all three of the posters. I know this is a long post about a real A — thing but it was a nice way to go back and really do some collecting of a couple of old boxes I had in the basement!!!! Please if anyone has info on all these sets let me know.

4:12 pm
March 14, 2013



WGP Racer

posts 305

If I remember correctly, there were 3 different inserts. I'm an opener so I'm going by memory when I opened them! Hopefully someone has kept better notes.

10:41 pm
April 2, 2013


Wheel Well Regular

posts 148

I know this is a sad post about the Posters in the ROR series, but I thought more people would have rang in and given info on which cars they had with which Posters in them. I found 4 Posters ; 1 is ROR , 2 is ROR with the Collect them all logo, 3 is WOC Poster and the 4th is another WOC Poster but has different cars on it. So I know this is kind of An$$ but that is what a completist does. So I found ( #1,#5,#7,#14,20,#22,#25,#31,#36,#37,#54,#58,#69,#73 ) have #2 Poster. Next ( #1,#2,#6,#7,#9,#14,#38,#66,#73,#81,#82,#86,#88,#89,#93,#94,#95,#96,#97,#100,#101,#102,#104,#108,#110 ) have the WOC Poster. Don't know which WOC Poster? Next ( #1,#2,#5,#6,#9,#20,#25,#36,#38,#58,#66,#69,#73,#81,#82,#86,#88,#89 ) have 2 of the 3 and # 73 I have all three Posters. WOW ! This seems so silly now that I put it in a Post, but it was fun to take a look at my collection form a fresh angle. Now don't get me started on the angle and flat Blisters of the WOC series. I hope someone found this interesting and the way collecters looked over the Desert Art series it seems people take Supercharged Posters, WOC Angle/Flat Blister and now the ROR Posters are overlooked. Thanks for your time and it would be nice if some completist could add some wood to the fire. TheBreezz

10:37 am
May 19, 2013


Wheel Well Regular

posts 148

I know this post is sad but has anyone found any different ones ? Thebreezz

7:19 am
July 9, 2013


Wheel Well Regular

posts 148

I know this is a sad post, but it is fun to look close at the different types of packaging I can find.  I have been looking at the 1st series Desert Art and the way that series has been looked over with 4/1, 4/29, No Logo, Filmore, Fillmore and 1L, 2L on back and I feel collectors have not looked close enough at the other series.  Thanks for any help !  TheBreezzCool

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