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Magnet Cube Eaten By Magnetic Putty – Hypnotic & Creepy
Posted in Science on 8 December 2014
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Time lapse video … “The smaller cube is a super-strong magnet that magnetized the millions of tiny bits of iron oxide in the putty. Once magnetized, the putty tries to distribute itself evenly around the magnet.” You can read more at the YouTube page.  

Chemistry Reaction GIF’s
Posted in Science on 11 October 2014
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Pretty freaky … Burning Mercury II Thiocyanate Dehydration of sugar in sulphuric acid More here at BlazePress … there’s also a scary one when you drop one drop of snake venom into a glass of blood.

Earth, Our Sun & Red Super Giant Stars
Posted in Science on 19 September 2014
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You probably already know we’re pretty tiny in comparison to our Sun … but compare our Sun to a Red Super Giant, we are a gnat on a elephant …

The Transformer Plane
Posted in Science on 22 July 2014
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Future concepts of planes … not sure a plane that reassembles makes much sense (other than the cool show off effect) … for instance, if one of the three planes is shot down, wouldn’t the remaining config be odd to fly?

Hubble: Timelapse of V838 Monocerotis (YouTube)
Posted in Science on 25 June 2014
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You almost expect to see the USS Enterprise to shoot out of that thing … except it’s real … You can read the full description at the YouTube page – click on ABOUT.

21st Century Red Rover, Come Over
Posted in Science on 21 February 2014
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Google just bought this company – your next search retrieval might be scarier. Don’t even think of using YAHOO SEARCH!

Earth From Mars
Posted in Science on 20 February 2014
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If you’re roaming around Mars, here we are in the Mars sky. (Blown up view on the right).

Fly Like an Eagle – On the Back of an Eagle
Posted in Science on 23 September 2013
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If you ever thought, if I shrunk down to 6″ tall, I would ride around on the back of an eagle … here ya go … About the only annoying thing is it’s only about a minute long. I think I could watch about 30-minutes of this without blinking. I would also like to feel […]

Mars Lizard …
Posted in Science on 20 September 2013
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It’s either a lizard or a pile of rocks that happens to look like a lizard but of course, it’s much more fun to shout LIZARD! You can see more photos at BuzzFeed.

High Tide – Low Tide: Michael Marten
Posted in Science on 9 September 2013
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Sometimes we forget just how dramatic high tide and low tide are … These are 6-18 hours apart … I wonder if we set a camera to record the arrival of a Super Chase case on the pegs if it would match this high tide and low gifs. 🙂 You can check more at Marten’s […]