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The schumi84f1™ Collection (carsmaniac)

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9:33 am
July 18, 2011



posts 8

First, excuse me for my very bad english. I'm french but i'm going to try to write in your language. 😐
I'm Fred, i'm 31 and i'm a diecast "Cars" collector since 2007. I was collector before i have seen the movie.
My "Cars" Collection is for 80% in loose (more than 520 models in loose and 80 in cards/packs), but i want to make the "Cars 2" Collection in cards/packs.
You can see my collection here : http://www.carsmaniac.fr 😛
Big thanks to metroxing and all the staff of take5aday for the news, the books and now the forum.

schumi84f1™ Blister Cars 2 Collection The Ultimate Check List :
(first column : US Packaging / second column : International Packaging)

Single :
[X][_]#1 Race Team Mater
[X][_]#2 Finn McMissile
[X][_]#3 Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels
[X][_]#4 Francesco Bernoulli
[X][_]#5 Holley Shiftwell
[_][X]#6 Professor Zündapp
[X][_]#7 Jeff Gorvette
[X][_]#8 Carla Veloso
[X][_]#9 Raoul ÇaRoule
[_][X]#10-11 Guido & Luigi
[_][X]#12 Acer
[_][X]#13 Grem
[_][X]#14 Race Team Fillmore
[_][X]#15 Race Team Sarge
[X][_]#16 Rod Torque Redline
[X][_]#17 Miles Axleroad
[X][_]#18 Petrov Trunkov
[X][_]#19 Hydraulic Ramone
[_][_]#20 Nigel Gearsley
[_][_]#21 Max Schnell
[_][_]#22 Shu Todoroki
[_][_]#23 Miguel Camino
[_][_]#24 Lewis Hamilton
[_][_]#25 Carlo Maserati

Short Cards :
[_][_]Finn McMissile
[_][_]Francesco Bernoulli
[X][_]Holley Shiftwell
[X][_]Jeff Gorvette
[X][_]Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels
[_][_]Race Team Mater
[X][_]Rod Torque Redline
[_][_]Professor Z

Pit Stop Launchers :
[_][_]Lewis Hamilton
[_][_]Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Max Schnell
[_][_]Miguel Camino
[_][_]Nigel Gearsley
[_][_]Shu Todoroki

Deluxe :
[_][X]#1 Submarine Finn McMissile
[_][X]#2 Holley Shitwell with Wings
[_][_]#3 Red
[_][X]#4 Double Decker Bus
[_][_]#5 Kingpin Nobunaga
[_][_]#6 Hydrofoil Finn McMissile
[_][_]#7 Pinion Tanaka
[_][_]#8 Pope Pinion IV
[_][_]#9 The Popemobile

Charge Ups :
[_][_]Jeff Gorvette
[_][_]Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Max Schnell
[_][_]Nigel Gearsley
[_][_]Shu Todoroki
[_][_]Station de recharge Allinol

Synthetic Rubber Tires : [color=red](ok)[/color]
[X][_]Francesco Bernoulli
[X][_]Nigel Gearsley
[X][_]Shu Todoroki

Lights & Sounds :
[_][_]Finn McMissile
[_][_]Finn McMissile Spy
[_][_]Francesco Bernoulli
[_][_]Holley Shiftwell
[_][_]Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Mater Spy
[_][_]Miles Axleroad
[_][_]Professor Z
[_][_]Rod Torque Redline
[_][_]Lightning McQueen & Francesco Bernoulli
[_][_]Lights & Sounds 4-pack

Pull Back and Release :
[_][_]Finn McMissile
[_][_]Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Raoul ÇaRoule

Color Changers :
[_][_]Finn McMissile
[_][_]Francesco Bernoulli
[_][_]Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Finn McMissile / Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Francesco Bernoulli / Lightning McQueen
[_][_]Sarge / Lightning McQueen

Exclusive Carrefour : [color=red](ok)[/color]
[_][X]Carla Veloso / Carla's Crew Chief
[_][_]Francesco Bernouilli / Giuseppe Motorosi
[_][X]Lightning McQueen with Racing Wheels / Fillmore with Headset

Vehicle Exclusive :
[X][X]Brent Mustangburger / Darrell Cartrip
[_][_]Fillmore Race Team / Lightning McQueen with Travel Wheels
[X][_]Finn McMissile / Tomber
[X][_]Francesco Bernoulli / Lightning McQueen with Party Wheels
[X][_]Grem / Damaged Rod Torque Redline
[_][_]Jeff Gorvette with Metallic Finish
[X][_]Lightning McQueen with Metallic Finish
[X][_]Luigi, Guido & Uncle Topolino
[X][_]Mater Pit Crew
[X][_]Race Team Mater / Zen Master Pitty

Mater's Secret Mission :
[X][_]Finn McMissile with Weapons & Grem
[_][_]Fred Fisbowski & Holley Shiftwell
[X][_]Mater with Spy Glasses & Acer
[_][_]Professor Z & Tyler Gremlin

Racing 4-pack :
[_][_]Carla Veloso/Jeff Gorvette/Lightning McQueen/Max Schnell
[_][_]Francesco Bernoulli/Nigel Gearsley/Raoul CaRoule/Shu Todoroki
[_][_]Jeff Gorvette/Lightning McQueen Fan/Lightning McQueen/Max Schnell
[_][_]Miguel Camino/Francesco Bernoulli/Lightning McQueen/Shu Todoroki

Character Stars 3-pack :
[X][_]Acer/Petrov Trunkov/Holley Shiftwell
[X][_]Grem/Professor Z/Finn McMissile
[X][_]Mater/Lightning McQueen/Double Decker Bus
[_][_]Mater/Lightning McQueen/Kingpin Nobunaga

Pack :
[_][_]London Chase 5-pack
[_][X]Paris Espionage 5-pack
[_][X]Porto Corsa Welcome 5-pack
[_][_]Racing Rivalry 7-pack
[_][X]Tokyo Race Party 5-pack
[_][_]Tokyo Spy Mix-Up 10-pack
[_][_]Tokyo Victory 7-pack

Playset :
[_][_]Barrel Blowout Track Set (une voiture)
[_][_]Barrel Blowout Track Set (deux voitures)
[_][_]Charge N' Race Speedway
[_][_]Cliffside Challenge Track Set
[X][_]Collect & Connect Puzzle 1/4
[X][_]Collect & Connect Puzzle 2/4
[_][_]Collect & Connect Puzzle 3/4
[_][_]Collect & Connect Puzzle 4/4
[_][_]Finish Line Frenzy Game
[_][_]London City Raceway Slot-Car Racing Set
[_][_]Mack Playcase
[_][_]Mack Playset
[_][_]Spy Jet Escape Track Set
[_][_]Stunt Ramp Gateway Track Set
[_][_]Tokyo Spinout Track Set
[_][_]World Grand Prix Race-Off Track Set

Display Case :
[_][_]Double Decker Bus Vehicle Playset
[_][_]Everett Car Transporter
[_][_]Fan Stands Play & Display Case
[_][_]Pop Open Speedway Case
[_][_]Siddeley the Spy Jet Transporter
[_][_]Stow n' Go
[_][_]Stephenson the Spy Train Vehicle Playset
[_][_]World Grand Prix Race Launcher

9:42 am
July 18, 2011



posts 6

Great Schumi, will try to send pictures of my collection too 😉

5:11 am
July 22, 2011



posts 8

last arrived :

and from nascarbroncosfan (thanks one more time)

you can see photos of my collection here : http://fr.autoblog.com/photos/…..s/4061867/ (it was for an interview before Cars 2)


4:36 am
July 23, 2011



posts 8

from USA :
3 of 4 "character stars 3-pack"

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