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The Special Paint of the Fabled WW 2 Jeep

Did you know?

“If you’ve ever seen a picture of a World War II Jeep with brown paint between the points of its “invasion star,” you might have assumed it was just an aesthetic touch. But it was much more than that: the paint was there to keep soldiers safe. Here’s how.

The paint’s purpose was to protect against chemical weapons attacks. It’s called “M5 liquid vesicant detector paint” (a vesicant is a chemical agent that causes blistering.)”

You can read the rest at Jalopnik.

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  • kfalcon77 says:

    fantastic, most ww2 films made while the war was raging I don’t think we can tell the difference but the color documentary films made as it was happening just might allow us to see the paint. Ill check Netflix.
    Thank you for sharing

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