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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: New Target Pallet Drop

Thanks “John H.” for the photos.

In time for the CARS DVD-Blu Ray coming November 7. There are slots on the side to slide in an info card – sale coming next week? So, maybe buy and hang onto your receipt just in case?

John says nothing too new but to look for it in clothes and not toys.

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  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    LOL we’ve already cycled these out at 3 of my 4 area Targets. (the 4the store never received) When checking on product availability in late September, stock levels indicated they had 60+ singles in the backroom at one of these stores, (which they refused to bring out because pegs “appeared” full) After I convinced them there was room for 50 of them on the pegs, they came back out with a dozen and told me the rest were on a shipper dated Oct 1. Excited, I came back two days later and it still wasn’t displayed. Asked a manager, they brought it out. Mostly disappointing-only had DirtTrack Doc Hudson that we needed and everything else was re-releases with a handful of Frances Beltline and Target Exclusive McQueens.

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