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Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier bags – Natural air freshener

  • Cherrytree’s Bamboo Charcoal air purifier bag is the easiest, safest and most effective way to keep your spaces fresh, dry and odor-free.Each bag is filled with natural bamboo charcoal and beautifully stitched into a breathable linen bag.
  • MULTIPURPOSE – Use as a Pet deodorizer, room freshener, shoe deodorizer, dog deodorant, car & RV air freshener and home odor absorber. Place a bag in musty, smelly or damp areas and notice the air quality improve in a few days!
  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC- Unlike fragrance sprays and other deodorizing products like febreze, Cherrytree bamboo charcoal is non-toxic. Instead of masking smells with harmful chemicals, the charcoal absorbs the odors like a sponge when air passes through it. Perfectly safe around pets and children.
  • SELF-REJUVENATING – Save on those expensive car fragrance and perfume refills- these bags recharge in the sun. Just place the bags in the sun for an hour to recharge.



Dececos Star Wars Decorative R2-D2 Cotton Linen Blend Throw Pillow

Of course, there’s a C-3PO one plus Yoda and others!


FoodKing Cotton Candy Machine

  • This commercial candy floss maker transforms hard candy or sugar into a sweet candy floss, just like at the carnival, perfect for parties, charities, fundraisers, and sporting events.
  • The cotton candy machine is simple to use. Just turn on the motor and warm up for 5 minutes, then pouring in the sugar, it will start producing cotton candy as fast as you can collect it.


KOR Delta BPA Free Water Bottle

  • Made from durable and beautifully clear BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester; circular base allows it conveniently fit in cup holders
  • No-Worry Cap swivels open and stays out of your way while you drink; safety latch on the cap prevents the bottle from being accidentally opened
  • Exclusive threadless Perfect Spout that feels great on your lips; large enough for chugging and ice cubes, small enough to minimize splashes


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