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Mattel Disney PLANES Fire & Rescue: Deluxe On Card Preview – Case A

The Deluxe “aircraft” of PLANES: Fire & Rescue are definitely DEE-LUXE.

Unlike the Deluxe CARS line which are generally reserved for oversized vehicles or with an accessory, the PLANES Fire & Rescue Deluxe lineup actually has moving features!

Blade Ranger.

Blade Ranger


blade back
Very cool – open the door to lower the hook – then to retract the hoist, spin the blades – wow, actually technology! Nice!

blade closeWindlifter.


The tank lowers and snaps back on – nice!

wind back

windlifter close

CASE A has 4 Windlifter’s and 2 Blade Ranger’s.

As for size – from back rotor blades to the main rotors, it’s about 7.5″ in length. If you’re just counting the length of Windlifter’s body – about 7″ inches long.

windlifter measure

Blade Ranger with rotors is also about 7.5″

blade measure1

Blade Ranger just measuring the body is a little shorter at about 6″ long.

blade measure

Will break these open in a few days for the full open preview.

In the meanwhile, there are some official open pics here.

My guess is these will be $9.99 or $10.99 at retail (based on the wholesale price) … or at TRU, probably $18.99 :-/  …

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