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Mattel Disney Toon PLANES: Micro Drifters Wall Race Track Set

Mattel & Disney hopes you have plenty of wall space for a PLANES Micro Drifters wall play set …

Wall angle

The play seems to be you release the planes, it can get waylaid by little spinout areas and of course, the ones that actually reaches the final line wins.launcher gate

Here’s Micro Drifter PLANES Dusty, Ripslinger and El Chupo.


The wall art and brackets installs with some magic 3M glue that will not damaged the wall paint if removed correctly …

wall art

You also get a glimpse of what some of the other PLANES characters look like as Micro Drifters.

It’s hard to tell the actual size of this wall play set but it’s probably 3-4 feet across?

wall rack track set

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