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Pixar 25 Year Fan Montage

A fan pulled together clips of every Pixar film as a 25-year anniversary tribute …

What’s even better – Pixar didn’t just send a lawyer after him but instead …

“Pixar Studios contacted me to say they loved my video. They even sent me a package of $470 worth of stuff, including all 11 movies on blu ray, plus the short films and the Cars Mater’s Tall Tales (ALL ON BLU RAY, except for A Bugs Life, the Incredibles, and Finding Nemo). They also sent me a shirt with the characters from Toy Story 3, a jacket with Pixar labeled on it, and a big book of art from Toy Story. THANKS PIXAR. YOU ARE THE GREATEST PEOPLE EVER!”

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23 September 2012 Disney, Disney Pixar 3 Comments


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