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Gizmon iCA iPhone Case – Old School Camera-Look Case

Pretty cool … Yep, it’s an iPhone case …

“The case surrounds your phone and comes with two mock ‘lenses’ that attach to the front. A detachable tripod mount is great for longer exposures and the soft Gizmon bag will protect the Camera, uh, iPhone when not in use. 

The Shutter button on the top of the iCA really works too! Use it with any of your favorite apps. The iCA blurs the line between phone and camera by combining them both. Grab one of the most innovative products of the year today, in Black, White or Brown.

Two holes are provided for the strap of your choice.”


Also available in Brown or White.


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21 March 2012 Gadgets 3 Comments


  • collectormom says:

    Have you tried any of the lenses you can get for the iPhone? I’m very curious about the lenses from Photojojo but I’m having trouble finding product reviews


    (MET: Most should work fine since they usually offer one option – (either telephoto or macro) so your decision pretty much comes down to its design attaching itself to the iPhone (whether you like it or not) and the cost. There is a new option with the Holga case if you want a slew of color wheel options).

  • Jack says:

    Why would you want your iPhone to look like a camera? I would imagine you might get a few stares from people wondering why you are talking to your camera; or think you bought a camera with a phone instead of the more conventional camera in a phone.
    Anyway a nice thin plain case suits me just fine. The phone is big enough already.

  • chuki_mama says:

    The silver is cute. Brown is kind of ugly.

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