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It’s a Boat! It’s a Camper! It’s a Trailer! It Floats! It Tows!

In theory, the Sealander is nice, it’s a camper that doubles as a boat …

But I can see a lot of trouble ahead …

A) Drunken yahoos will swing by to see the bigger drunk who drove their camper into the lake.

B) … And when I say ‘swing by,’ I mean – crash into you – as they are drunk.

C) Shore patrol will be real ****ed off at you when they realize you don’t need rescuing.

D) James Bond had Q create a Lotus that could convert into a sub – no one will mistake you for James Bond.

E) When this starts leaking, you will sink like a rock, plus no one will rescue you because if you’re stupid enough to drive a camper into the lake, good luck to you.

German made – there’s also a video!

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19 September 2011 Design 6 Comments


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