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Wondercon Comic Con is Back in San Francisco

Two more days left.

Wondercon is run by the SDCC people – a lot less crazy but getting bigger.

Last year, a lot of vendors didn’t attend thinking with the economy down – people would not attend or not buy – WRONG. So, this year, the show is bigger than ever.

While it’s only Moscone South Hall – it’s still very big and now about 75% of the show are vendors so if you’re in a buying mood for comic, movie & tv fun stuff – definitely check it out. It’s convenient and lots of good food only blocks away unlike most convention centers.

As for CARS, good news and bad. It looks like your collection is worth more and more – CARS 1 – prices are UP, UP & AWAY. The few vendors selling CARS – $10-$15 for most CHASE CARS and $7-$10 for ‘regular’ releases and pricing like $25 for Leroy Traffik. Of course, you can haggle … but for those looking to complete a collection, you are looking at the Starwars of diecasts … which is both good & bad.

MattyCollector was there but only DC Universe figures …

So, not much CARS but lots of cool & funky artwork – and lots of fun vinyl-toys …

The Kid Robot SimpsonsFamily Guy & Futurama vinyl figures (sold separately in blind boxes).

Or a keychain for your Harley …

Or some proper plush … after all, what could be a better pillow than a cupcake?

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2 April 2011 Uncategorized 5 Comments


  • Terri says:

    I am at Wondercon. Went yesterday too! Ftom a cars perspective it was lame. Matty booth is all about figures!! Nothing cars related at all. Any booth on the floor that sold cars items was way overpriced! Even programming yesterday was very weak. Very surprised by it. I go every year and this so far is the worst one. Don’t get me wrong. I still had fun! Tickets are so much cheaper so it is still worth it. Hopeful todsy will be a little better! Time will tel!! In line niw wsiting to get in! I can take some pics of matty if you want them.

  • I plan to go tmw, but don’t know about taking photo’s. Just going for fun of course.

  • nicholas says:

    i got finn mcmissile and jeff gordett at my house,first ones to get one in the southeastern reigon.

  • cac1959 says:

    I did not even know that this event took place in San Francisco.

    I did attend the State Farm Cars2 Agents on a Mission tour yesterday in the Cincinnati area… if you’re undecided about attending but have a chance, I highly recommend it… I was the only one I saw that didn’t have kids there.

  • NascarFan says:

    Cool, wonder if anyone will be there to get photos and post them here

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