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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Target Summer Reset 2010

Thanks to “Mr. Target Dude” for the reset recap, we have a complete picture of the Target reset for late summer happening now and in the next few weeks. Of interest to most CARS collectors, here’s what has made the cut and will be back on the shelves or hitting the shelves …

(note the photos are merely representative of the line extension and may not reflect the current Night Skyline artwork).

The most significant note is that MEGASIZE-OVERSIZE-DELUXE is NOT listed. Guess those mega, mega clot of Semi Cabs under one UPC-DPCI might mean only TRU & other retailers will be carrying them? I don’t think megasize made the WM cut either.

Toon megasizes are on the list everywhere.

And Color Changers get TWO peg rows … (not shown here).

Plus all the playsets and the carrying case …

And yes, no launchers are listed …

The nex-last wave of Target grocery store conversions are edging closer to completion so your store might not get fully reset-restocked under after the _____ of September.

But happy shopping.

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