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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Toys R Us – Sale 48 Hours, Sidewall Shine 96 Hours

This sales ENDS Saturday night so you have @48 hours left (minus the hours they are not actually open …).

And while this store has no left none now, NO RAINCHECKS so if it looks like this below … that’s your shopping choice but hey, at least it’s about 30% off.

AND you have about 96 hours left (or @4 days including today) for SIDEWALL SHINE and if you can find any TRU stock you want to buy, Sidewall Shine is now only $15.97 + tax + $5 + postage for the UPC’s.

Just make sure your receipts are postmarked 9/30/2008 though you have another 2 WEEKS after to mail it in.

“All requests must be postmarked by October 15 and received by October 31.”

So, while the pickin’s are slim, the shelves seem to clear for a TRU reset … and who knows, you might be lucky and some store will accidentially re-stock before the sale is over on Saturday. Good luck and happy hunting!

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