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Unconventional Heroes
Posted in Design on 16 August 2016
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If our movie & TV heroes didn’t have the budget for a fancy car. 🙂 Great and fun posters art from Gerald Bear. Check out more at his page. Tweet This Post

Wrap Your Fridge – Carbonite Your Food
Posted in Design on 1 June 2016
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Is your fridge too dull? The Han Solo in Carbonite FridgeWrap Tweet This Post

Dinoco & Sinclair Oil – Coming & Going
Posted in Design on 6 May 2016
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The Good News – “Sinclair Oil Seeks to Reclaim National Presence.” “With a new brand licensing program, though, Sinclair has its sights set once again on having a national presence, expanding east of the Mississippi and marketing its fuel coast to coast, according to Jack Barger, vice president of marketing and supply for Sinclair, which […]

Bubble Tents: So the Kyotes and Bears Can See You Better?
Posted in Design on 21 April 2016
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Seems like a weird way to camp but okay … I guess everyone can find you and know when you are changing clothes … Hopefully you remember to bring the air pump, otherwise, you might need replacement lungs afterwards. No surprise, Amazon has a full selection.   Tweet This Post

Make a 3D GIF By Adding Some White Bars
Posted in Design on 27 February 2014
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Pretty interesting how it’s such as easy optical illusion … by adding some white bars, you can make GIF’s 3D … Along with instructions, you can check out more at Core77. Tweet This Post

I’m Batman … Well, His Customized Chuck Taylor’s …
Posted in Design on 22 July 2012
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Converse is offering your own Batman customized Chuck Taylor’s … Nearly every part of the shoe is customizable! And assembled in the US – start here at Tweet This Post

Fun Stuff at This Week
Posted in Design on 6 July 2012
Stats: and 1 Comment has a lot of fun stuff available this week …some very cool posters and t-shirts … Sign in or sign up here. Tweet This Post

The Gumball Dress
Posted in Design on 14 May 2012
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I wonder if you might get a few comments … well, any that you could repeat without getting slapped or beaten. 🙂 You can order it HERE. Tweet This Post

Wallpaper To Cause Hallway Crashes …
Posted in Design on 10 May 2012
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The perfect wallpaper (if you like crashes into your wall): Check it out at Tweet This Post

For Mother’s Day & No Waiting For Kmart CARS Day
Posted in Design on 20 April 2012
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Surprise her on Mother’s Day with Alsa Stretch Chrome Film … TaDa! Don;t stop at the mirror – chrome the entire car! Much easier to find in the parking lot! And who needs to wait for Zamak/Metallic or Ransburg CARS when you can wrap it in chrome sheets and heat shrink it! Even on sale this […]