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Mattel Disney PLANES Target Reset Coming

It looks like the Target PLANES reset will be the 8th (as Quercy uncovered) …

Target remove by

So, I guess if you want the Target POP pieces, write your phone number and name on the back this shelf tag – and write call for disposal with your phone & name. 🙂 It might work. They are just going to toss it.


Wonder what’s coming in its place – probably IRON MAN-Avengers since the Iron Man 3 BR/DVD is coming in a few weeks.

Of course, at most Target’s around me, they could use plenty of PLANES diecasts, Pit Row Gift Packs and 4-packs. The playsets and track sets are of course, not garnering much interest – nor the Micro Drifter PLANES.

planes target

Thanks for the heads up and photo, “Quercy.”

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  • carcollector6 says:

    All the Planes sections of the toy aisle at my local Targets are completely empty, singles-wise. Not even a Dusty.

  • Mariela says:

    Mine looks like that too! Don’t understand how other Targets got the Super Chase cases and some not even a case of anything!

  • bobbyjack says:

    They already took the Planes display down at my local Target and replaced it with Transformers. I guess they are pushing these “Predacons Rising” exclusives they have.

  • Jinzo says:

    The plano says it ends on the 9/8. That means either:
    A) A Revision to the plano which I really doubt it
    B) A new Plano Goes up.
    Focals tend to stay up for a month or so then they are changed to something else. It has been about a month or so. I’m guessing that it is about to change. My local store has bare pegs on regular planes singles & Cars mainline. It has been like that for a while. Can’t wait for new product.

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    That’s what my Target Planes pegs look like too, and have for weeks. While the stupid Max Power stuff languishes on the shelves. My boys are the core target audience for Max Power and they have zero interest.

  • John says:

    Targets near us have already taken down the Planes display and moved the remaining stock to the Cars/Planes aisle area.

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