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Mattel Disney PLANES: Next Target 4-Pack (Yet Another Box Set Printing Error)

The Target-only PLANES 4-packs are quite nice. You don’t really save a lot of money from buying the singles individually but there are no repeats so far in the ones included in the 4-packs, for instance, regular Dusty is NOT included in every box – AMAZING! You could actually buy all 4 (three are out) and only get one repeat – FREAKIN’ AMAZING!

Ripslinger may be a repeat but 15 out of 16 is amazing for Mattel.

air ambush

The 4th box set open photos are here of the Navy Jets, the helo & Navy Dusty – not out yet? And not available online yet.

box back

And if you think Zed looks weird on the back of the box, YEP, another error if you like box sets with errors on the back. Presumably the designer was using the the lineup as a template and either forgot to remove the other layer or cannot figure out what a plane looks like. And yes, usually many people have to approve this along the way to sign off on it – so a lot of people along the way missed this pretty HUGE error. In marketing, there is a scientific term for this sort of error – idiots at work.

Zed Over

Thanks, “Quercy” for the heads up & photos.

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